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Website Maintenance Company in Jalandhar, Punjab

The Dream Flix is a Jalandhar, Punjab-based company that maintains websites. They guarantee that their clients’ websites are safe, current, and completely functional because they are experts in website design, development, and maintenance. To improve user experience and website dependability, they offer frequent updates, security audits, performance optimisation, and troubleshooting.

Assisting businesses in meeting their specific demands and achieving their digital goals, The Dream Flix is a team of highly qualified specialists dedicated to delivering superior, tailored solutions.


Website Maintenance Company

Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Services Monitor Your Website’s Health And Responsiveness By Repairing
Any Flaws Or Errors. We Have Compiled A List Of Website Maintenance Services That We Provide Here:

Website Maintenance Company

Repairing and Fixes

To ascertain whether the outbound links are indeed pointing to the targeted pages, we carry out an off-page SEO audit. Since internal links are a crucial component of the website's architecture, we also examine them. The ranks will suffer if any of these links are broken.

Website Maintenance Company

Spam Check

When performing website maintenance, spam is one of the most crucial things to look for. We can reduce the risk of an irrational hacker taking over our website by looking for these.

Website Maintenance Company

Compatibility Test

Compatibility checks are carried out by website maintenance services to guarantee that your website works properly on a variety of browsers, gadgets, and operating systems. This improves the site's overall speed, accessibility, and user experience.

Website Maintenance Company

Website backup

Regular website backups are made possible by website maintenance services, which safely save your data for simple recovery. This ensures company continuity and peace of mind by guarding against data loss due to technological problems or cyberattacks.

Website Maintenance Company

Search engine optimization

Enhancing SEO through performance optimisation, content updates, broken link repairs, and mobile compatibility are all achieved by a website maintenance service. This raises visibility, produces more organic traffic, and improves search engine results.

Website Maintenance Company

Site Speed

A firm that maintains websites specialises in speed optimisation, guaranteeing quick loads, seamless operation, and frequent updates. This improves user experience, raises search engine ranks, and raises conversions and engagement.

Website Maintenance Company

Software Updates

To ensure that your website is operating on the most recent versions, a website maintenance agency takes care of routine software upgrades. In addition to preventing vulnerabilities and improving user experience, this boosts security, functionality, and performance.

Website Maintenance Company

Google Analytics

For website upkeep, user behaviour monitoring, site performance, and traffic source analysis, Google Analytics offers invaluable data. The site is optimised, the user experience is enhanced, and strategic choices are guided by this data.

Website Maintenance Company

Checking the forms

Forms must be routinely checked to make sure they are operating appropriately as part of website maintenance. In addition to improving user experience and preventing submission mistakes, this guarantees correct data capture and processing.

Websites we do maintenance for

Website Maintenance Company

For a range of websites, we offer thorough maintenance services that guarantee their seamless and effective operation. We have experience in several industries:

  1. E-commerce Websites: We oversee online shops, guaranteeing safe transactions, quick loads, and current inventory management systems.
  2. Corporate Websites: We maintain the professionalism and functionality of business websites by optimising performance, updating content, and addressing errors.
  3. Blogs and News Portals: An essential component of our service includes frequent updates, backups, and SEO improvements.
  4. Platforms for education: We look after LMSs, making sure they are accessible, user-friendly, and updated with new information.
  5. Non-Profit and Community Websites: We concentrate on event management software, contribution connections, and user experience.

We reduce downtime and improve user experience across all platforms with our proactive approach.